Helping horse riders achieve better posture sooner

Helping horse riders achieve better posture sooner

As an equestrian it can some times feel like if you suffer from poor posture or imperfect position you are a bad rider. This is far from the case, at TEMPI ACTIVE® we want to help riders facing this increasingly common problem and empower people to improve.

Acknowledging the challenge of poor posture and deciding to make a meaningful effort to improve ones overall position on a horse can often be so arduous with little gains made that a once determined rider feels defeated and gives up.

To have true success correcting postural alignment on a horse more attention needs to be given to a riders postural habits off a horse.

For most lifestyle, workplace, increased usage of mobile devices, post-partum and injury can all contribute to poor posture and rider position, having a huge impact on how we look, feel and perform on a horse. Without making accommodations and modifying our actions, habits and routines out of the saddle, we hinder the success we can achieve within it.

Some of us are more likely to suffer from poor posture given our own physical anatomy, something we regularly accommodate in our horses in terms of their conformation but give little thought to in human form. This means working extra hard to achieve our best position.

Introducing a functional training device... for Riders.

Our tack rooms are full of a variety of functional training devices that we accumulate over many years that we use on our horses throughout their ridden lives. As riders and trainers we readily alter the equipment used on a horse to support them achieve a desirable frame and body positioning that we deem 'correct'.

It's time to embrace the same for ourselves, to train our own bodies to achieve success.

When a rider struggles to achieve a good position and posture we rarely apply the same methodology. Instead a rider is sent away to correct these issues, mostly on their own and do so with little to no advice. Adopting our Postural Stabiliser System by using the TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace and 12-step Posture Program we encourage a new mind-set to help horse riders to achieve a better dynamic position, with a clear, easy to follow routine created in collaboration with health and exercise professionals.

Like any aid in our training toolkit, it is important the rider or horse does not become too reliant on any functional device. By following our user-guide you will avoid this and allow your body to enhance proprioception of the postural system.

The TEMPI ACTVIE® Posture Brace is the safest horse riding posture corrector on the market. The design has eliminated the need to use metal, plastic or fibreglass rods, stays, boning, slides or d-rings. 

The Posture Brace will help your body establish better habits long term. Our goal is with repetition and effort you will no longer require these tools. However, having the TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace and Posture Program in your toolkit enables you to adapt quickly whenever you feel poor habits reappear.

Author Kirsty Marston, Founder of TEMPI ACTIVE®. Kirsty has spent a life time immersed in horses, before married life and family she competed to FEI CCI*** level eventing whilst working in a multi-sport High Performance environment for over a decade. Learn more about the inspiration behind Tempi Active® here.

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