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Welcome to TEMPI ACTIVE®

We developed an integrated Postural Stabiliser System specially for horse riders, and now it's being used and loved by busy, active people all over the world. The TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace is a functional training device, when worn in conjunction with our 12-step Posture Program you can achieve greater alignment, a stronger dynamic neutral spine, and better postural habits in as little as 28-days.

  • Designed for safety, no metal rods, plates or boning.

  • 3-point tension system for maximum adjustability.

  • Tested and endorsed by health and equine experts.

  • 4-way stretch, breathable, moisture wicking fabric.

Not just for Horse Riders!

The TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace has been designed to wear on or off a horse to improve both static and dynamic posture. It can be worn in the office, while working from home, is perfect for busy parents or nursing mothers and those standing on their feet for long periods of time.

It’s high performance design teamed with innovative function and style make it suitable for a variety of users.

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FREE access to the Posture Program

Our Postural Stabiliser System was the first integrated postural trainer on the market specifically for equestrians. Today it is adopted by busy, active people all around the world who use it at home or work.

The brace enables the wearer to achieve re-conditioning of the proprioception sensors whilst strengthening and stretching the body to achieve greater mobility and alignment.

At TEMPI ACTIVE® we firmly believe in an active approach so you can achieve measurable success. That's why we give all customers access to our 12-step Posture Program valued at $29 AUD for free.

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  • Simone

    I highly recommend the posture brace. Amazing fit and feel. I haven't had it for long but I can already see the difference it's making.

  • Rebecca

    Such a comfortable postural support, I'm very impressed. I actually wear mine around the home as well. I will be ordering a black one too.

  • Emma

    Wearing this brace feels so comfortable and natural. Instead of consciously and continuously reminding myself to have good posture...