User Guide

When you purchase a TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace you receive a comprehensive User Guide created in parternship with health professionals. We encourage you to follow this advice for optimum results. This outlines interval wearing of the brace rather than longer singular wear.

Helping to recondition neuromuscular patterns enabling you to enjoy your equestrian pursuits at full function. Using the TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace in conjunction with the 12-step Posture Program will help you form better long-term postural habits in as little as 28-days.

  • Thread your arms through the Brace as if it were a backpack, ensure the band is flat.

  • Fix the Velcro waist band tab so that it feels snug but not too firm below your bust.

  • Pull the waist tabs to achieve desired tension drawing your shoulders into alignment.

  • The Brace should not be so tight that it cuts in causing discomfort or restricts full range of movement.

What to expect

Within days of wearing your Brace you will achieve greater self-regulation, increase proprioception of the postural system and self-correction.

After two weeks of completing the Posture Program you will have strengthened your core postural stabilisers, targeted the rhomboids and expanded your pectoral muscles supporting a significant change to your postural habits.

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