Our Story

Meet Kirsty, our Founder. A mum on a mission determined to help other Equestrians and busy, active people achieve better posture.

Having nursed two children in close succession combined with a six-year hiatus from competitive riding, Kirsty was experiencing significant back and neck pain coupled with deteriorating posture.

After a return to competitive dressage, Kirsty was left dismayed at images taken by a professional photographer... she no longer recognised herself on a horse. Whilst she had previously associated a weakened core linked to pregnancy and an anterior tilted pelvis for her poor position she knew it was time to focus on correcting this, be more effective in the saddle and look and feel better too.

With support from her treating specialists, in particular her chiropractor, it was suggested the use of a posture brace could assist the transformation and help reverse years of poor postural habits.

Kirsty explains, 'After searching the internet for a product that was ‘horse rider friendly’ I was left disappointed, there was nothing that met a horse riders performance and style demands. Some had metal rods inserted to maintain structure, from a safety perspective this horrified me! Other's appeared flimsy and in excess of a $100 price tag. None of these products addressed the holistic approach to improving ones posture' 

With more research on the effect of functional training devices, Kirsty realised that as Equestrians we adopt the use of hundreds of different functional training devices that we use on our horses, filling up our tack rooms with different tools for different stages of our horses development. But few riders apply the same methodology when it comes to training their own body position and control. The idea to create the Posture Brace and a complimentary program was born.

A chance introduction to a manufacturer of post-surgical and specialist sport braces led to a collaboration with health professionals enabling the idea to become a reality.

There's no progress without effort.

At TEMPI ACTIVE® we are committed to helping people achieve long term, meaningful posture correction. That's why the Posture Program was created in partnership with an Exercise Physiologist. Aimed at strengthening the postural stabilisers to support horse riders achieve true and measured success in their postural journey.

Tempi Active® has one goal - to help riders be their best.