Building the foundation for your best Posture

We live in a world where we often spend much of our time fixed in poor postural positions, for the most part this is when we are not riding but carrying out daily tasks. Our own lifestyle makes it increasingly difficult to reverse improper posture and perform at our best.

Recoganising this, we have developed a program to compliment the Posture Brace and optimize your dynamic position by providing you with low impact, resistance based exercises that can and should be performed for life.

The 12-step Posture Program is packaged in a 20-page booklet and online tutorial, valued at $29 AUD, it is distributed with every purchase of a TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace.

Developed in partnership with health and exercise professionals

Expertly created by an Exercise Physiologist in consultation with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors our Posture Program targets the core postural stabilisers, assisting mobility, strength and alignment. Challenge yourself to complete the Program every second day over a 28-day period for faster results.

The program is suitable for beginners with each step given a Light to Moderate rating. If you have a pre-existing injury consult a health professional before wearing your Posture Brace and beginning the Posture Program.

Resistance for dynamic neuromuscular reconditioning

Our Training Loops are a safe, low impact option designed for stretching and strengthening complex joints such as shoulders. The set comes in three resistance levels ensuring you can tailor the program to meet your own fitness level and goals. Start with the least resistance of our Training Loops (white loop) and increase resistance as you progress.

If you did not purchase our Training Loops you will need to source a long resistance band. We recommend a fabric fitness band for comfort, approximately 200cm/78inches in circumference.

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