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Posture Brace - Pink

Posture Brace - Pink

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The TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace is a functional training device, designed with lightweight, multidirectional materials to engage muscle memory for biofeedback and instant proprioception. When used in conjunction with the 12-step Posture Program you will form better long-term postural habits, helping to reduce posterior muscle fatigue, relearn neutral spine alignment and elevate your performance through improved oxygenation.

The Posture Brace is a UNISEX garment made from quality textiles ensuring optimum performance. The perforated fabric is breathable and moisture wicking, has a 4-way stretch and 3-point tension system for maximum adjustability.

The waistband has been purposefully constructed to ensure the wearer can independently engage their core with no infringement of the abdominal muscles, the pectoral muscles expand and rhomboid muscles grow stronger. The racer-back design fits between your scapula for even pressure distribution, and ultimate shoulder movement. Unlike other posture correctors there are no dangerous metal plates, rods or boning, d-rings or plastic fixtures - making it the safest postural aid on the market for equestrian pursuits.

The Brace has been designed to assist with both static posture (stationary e.g. sitting or standing) and dynamic posture (whilst moving and riding). With regular wear you will achieve greater body awareness and self-correction.

Wear your brace over a base layer so you can easily modify or remove it to allow spontaneous adjustment and muscle recall.

Follow our User Guide for optimum results.

Key features

  • UNISEX design
  • Racer back for ultimate shoulder movement
  • 4-way stretch
  • Breathable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • 3-point tension system for greater adjustability
  • Designed in collaboration with health professionals

Additional Inclusions

  • Dust bag
  • TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Program valued at $29 AUD

When you purchase a TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace you receive our expertly designed Posture Program packaged in a 20-page booklet and online tutorial to help you achieve your best posture and strongest position.

** This posture support is designed for adults.


The Tempi Active® Posture Brace comes in two size variants. Your size is determined by the measurement of your underbust.

If your measurement is closer to the upper limit of the small / medium we suggest going up a size to allow for maximum adjustability.

Learn how to measure your underbust here.

Care Instructions

The Posture Brace should be hand washed in mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry.

User Guide

Our User Guide has been created in partnership with health professionals. We encourage you to follow this advice for optimum results.


The TEMPI ACTIVE® Posture Brace is a functional training device designed for adults.

Horse sports are dangerous. Never wear your Tempi Active® Posture Brace under a Back/Body Protector.

Never use your Posture Brace in circumstances you would usually wear a Back/Body Protector.

Never sleep in your Posture Brace.

The Posture Program has been designed for beginner level exercise.

Start SLOW increasing the repetitions as you become more confident.

STOP immediately if you feel any pain.

If you have a pre-existing injury consult a health professional before wearing the Tempi Active® Posture Brace and beginning the Posture Program.

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